Neighborhood Thrift Store to host second annual fashion show fundraiser to support local children

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Providing for family is something we all strive to accomplish, but some people might feel like that is out of reach. However, an organization in our community is making it possible for families to afford belongings. Fortunately, the Neighborhood Thrift Store steps in to help.

“I was helping a neighbor trying to furnish her apartment. So, I agreed to come in and help her,” employee Shirley Toney said.

Toney walked into the Neighborhood Thrift Store six years ago and never left.

“One day they asked me to be a seasonal worker and I said, ‘well, I’m not doing anything, yes,'” Toney said. “So, I became a full time employee after that.”

Toney said she has seen people change in this store, which is located at 2815 University Dr NW, just west of Memorial Parkway.

“I’ve seen people come in, it’s just like they’re down, on their last and they’re almost in tears,” Toney said.

But, at rock bottom is where Shirley and her team extend a hand.

“Parents can also volunteer here to earn store credit at $6.00 per hour with one of our employees to be able to afford school supplies for their kids,” Store Director Jamie Bush said.

Kid Kits is a big part of the store’s foundation. The program offers new school supplies to some families at a lesser cost.

“We do fundraising to support the Kid Kits,” Bush said. “Then, we sell the Kid Kits at about a third or a fifth of the price.”

This makes the full book bags about $10 to $15. However, the impact on the family is priceless.

“It’s exciting to see the parents be able to be the provider, and pick out what they want instead of somebody handing it to them,” Bush said. “The kids see their parents providing; they don’t have to know it’s at a reduced cost.”

The fashion show fundraiser is happening on Thursday, September 22 at 11:45 a.m. It’s taking place at St. Thomas Episcopal Church located at 12200 Bailey Cove Road SE. Tickets are $25 and all money raised goes towards Kid Kits. For tickets, call Nell Fisher at (256) 880-0248.

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