Need help? What to remember when contacting Huntsville firefighters during outbreak


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The city of Huntsville is asking people to take a few things into consideration when they need help from the city’s firefighters and EMS workers.

The city said Friday afternoon there were a few steps people could take before calling for help that can help keep first responders healthy and on the job.

  • If you’re sick, call a doctor before calling 911. If you have minor to moderate symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (which include a cough, fever or a runny nose) and/or recent travel, stay home and consult via telephone with your primary care physician. The Alabama Department of Public Health is also available to answer questions about next steps to take.
  • Call 911 in life-threatening situations. If your condition worsens and is more severe, call 911 and relay important information regarding your symptoms to the dispatcher. Be sure to mention if you have any symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing or runny nose), any recent travel and if you’ve been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient. Relaying this information is pertinent so responding personnel will arrive to the scene with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. When possible, please be prepared to meet responders outside so they can perform doorway triage without entering the residence.
  • If you are calling 911 for a medical emergency other than COVID-19 e.g. fall, vehicle collision, etc., it is still critical to tell dispatchers if you have any symptoms (which include a cough, fever or a runny nose) and/or recent travel.
  • Do not visit a fire station. If you are have symptoms, please do not stop at a fire station to be evaluated because firefighters won’t have the proper personal protective equipment before making contact.

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