HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — If you’re in need of a vacation buddy ahead of the summer season, Huntsville Animal Services (HAS) is offering a discounted rate for you to find a new furry friend.

HAS will offer $10 adoption fees on most adult dogs, with some exclusions, ahead of summer’s official start next month.

Dr. Karen Shepperd, the director of Huntsville Animal Services, said some people who leave for long periods of time in the summer choose to surrender a dog as opposed to boarding it. Additionally, more yardwork can mean open fences and outdoor gates, resulting in a dog’s escape.

“All these variables add up and create an urgent situation at the shelter,” Shepperd said.

“People like getting out on a warm, sunny day and dogs do, too,” said HAS Director Dr. Karen Sheppard. “Unfortunately, we have become very crowded over the past few weeks, and we’re entering a critical time because we typically experience more intakes during summer months and fewer adoptions.”

HAS also offers a foster program for those who aren’t able to adopt a pet.

Each pet eligible for adoption comes vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped, along with a bag of pet food and a city license. See the list of eligible pets here.

Animal Services Director, Karen Buchan, said right now they have around 70 dogs that are looking for homes. She said they currently have a lot of adult dogs that are available as part of the $10 adoption promotion.

“Just because a dog or cat is at the facility, doesn’t mean there’s a problem with them” Buchan said. “Give them a chance because there are such great dogs here, you just can’t imagine how many wonderful dogs we have” she continued.