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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — One longtime problem spot for commuters in northeast Huntsville won’t be fully solved anytime soon.

The city of Huntsville says its expansion of Winchester Road will have to be delayed a couple of years. Since 2017 the idea has been to widen and modernize much of Winchester Road to keep up with the area’s housing and business expansion.

Madison County says it’s covered its portion of the road project in the Riverton area and is in its final stages.

“That is Phase 3 or Phase 4 of our transportation plan,” Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong told News 19.

He also said the project is moving forward and be believes it will be completed in a timely manner.

“There’s actually $407 million of transportation projects that are currently either under construction, in design, or recently completed here in Madison County, with many more projects to come. So while that sounds like a large number there’s still a lot more transportation projects to be worked on,” Strong added.

That can’t be said for the two-lane stretch of the road controlled by the City of Huntsville from Dominion Road to Naugher Road.

According to the city’s website, even though the design is approximately 90% complete, construction has been delayed until early 2024, “pending completion of the right of way acquisition and utility relocation.”

News 19 reached out to the city of Huntsville for added comment on the delay but did not hear back.