NAACP opposes the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - NAACP State Conference President Benard Simelton said Judge Gorsuch's past is the reason why he doesn't deserve to become part of the supreme court.

During the press conference on Thursday, the NAACP brought up a past case involving a man and his truck company. Simelton said Gorsuch was on the case. "The company told him again to stay with the load. He explained to them he was beginning to feel hypothermia."

Simelton said the company insisted the man stay with load, but since he didn't he was fired. The man and the company eventually went to court. The man won the case, but Gorsuch ruled against the man.

Simelton said because Gorsuch ruled against him it lets you know the kind of person the nominee is. The NAACP isn't the only organization who doesn't support the nominee. The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice was at the press conference as well. "If we have this judge take the seat as the 9th justice then we are going to see the representation of a lot of violations of civil rights and immigrant rights," Organizer Evelyn Servin said.

The NAACP Chapter President said that even though the senate has gone nuclear it doesn't mean they will stop voicing their opinion against Judge Gorsuch.

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