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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Joey Wilson is fighting to appeal his conviction that landed him on death row. Wilson, convicted of capital murder, was one of three men who kept six people hostage.

Investigators say the men tortured the hostages, killing four of them, in a home on Highway 72 in 1996. The case became known as the “cell phone murders.”

Wednesday, Wilson was represented by his attorney in Madison County Circuit Judge Donna Pate’s courtroom. After 17 years, Wilson continues to appeal.

Sherrie Carter and her family drove more than two hours to get to Madison County. She wasn’t going to miss a hearing for one of the men convicted of killing her brother-in-law, Bryan Carter. “They get so many opportunities to fight their case even after justice has been spoke and convicted them of being guilty,” said Carter. We are here again today because he’s wanting to have an evidentiary hearing.”

Carter said she is tired of dealing with the death penalty process in the state of Alabama.

“It’s very infuriating to know that our system, we are only one of two states that has a criminal process like this for the death penalty,” she said. “To know that us, as family members, have to endure this after 17 years of going through not just this one for Joey Wilson, but Nick Acklin and Corey Johnson as well.”

Carter said it’s just opening an old wound every time they have to go to court. After almost 20 years, it’s getting old.

“We still have to go through taking off work, children missing school, driving miles, hours to get here and just to fight for justice to keep them where they belong where the State of Alabama has already spoken,” said Carter.

No more hearings, no more trials:  Carter wants to see justice served for the crimes that were committed in that house, 17 years ago.

“I think it’s time they go ahead let the State of Alabama speak by carrying out the death penalty that was given to them 17 years ago,” she said.