HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) — Mural, mural on the wall – it’s not Hazel Green, Alabama, after all.

Recently, the grocery store entrance to the Hazel Green Walmart underwent an artistic remodel, adding a new mural to pay homage to the city.

This mural contains some iconic Hazel Green images, including the Trojans basketball team, which highlights Hazel Green high school’s success on the court in recent years. However, the middle building appears to be an old school building.

Kevin Fritz Fotovich noticed the painting one-day while running errands. Liking what he saw, he posted a photo on Facebook and decided to look up this unique building online.

“I don’t remember seeing it [building] around here, and I thought maybe it was an old school house so I looked it up and it is an old school house in Hazel Green, Wisconsin,” Fotovich said.

He revealed his findings on Facebook and soon after, his post gained a lot of attention from his neighbors conjuring mixed reactions. “Everything from disgust to laughter,” Fotovich said.

The mural still stands, but change may be happening.

Fotovich, like many, understand mistakes get made, but is hopeful that change will come. “That building doesn’t belong. We’re not a sister city with Wisconsin,” said Fotovich.

News 19 has contacted Walmart corporate, and according to their media relations department, they are looking into this issue and plan to address the media at a later date.