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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Seven shots were fired into the National Space Science and Technology building, over the weekend, according to UAH spokesman Ray Garner.

No one was hurt during the incident.

According to the NWS, there were National Weather Service employees in the building at the time of the incident, as they are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but none of their employees heard gunfire.

Garner says UAH Police have identified this as a “random shooting.”

UAH Police found seven spent Belgian 5.7 millimeter bullet casings along Sparkman Drive. Garner says three bullets pierced building windows, the other four were lodged into the side of the building.

The incident was reported after staff inside the NSSTC found broken windows Monday morning.

Garner says there is no campus surveillance video of the incident and he doesn’t anticipate any further investigation into the matter.

A Chance for Change

Makinsie Gault, a Senior at UAH, is counting down the days until her graduation. She isn’t comforted to know, investigators are counting bullet holes in the campus research facility.

“I think it would make just about anyone nervous,” she says. “I really do wish there was more of a police presence because I don’t normally see them walking around campus.”

Gault says the incident is unnerving to her, but that this kind of activity, from time to time, is to be expected

“Growing pains I would say for the city. Being a smaller moderate size city growing so quickly, it’s safe to say things like that are going to happen,” says Gault.

She says traversing campus would be a lot easier, knowing police officers were close by, and not just in patrol cars. She hopes administration will use this as an opportunity to enact change.

“I feel like it’s important that they consider that most people are going to be on foot and maybe they should have some officers that are on foot and on bicycles or on foot as well so they can stay in touch with students that are walking around day to day,” she says.

It may not be the perfect system, but Gault says she’ll finish out her remaining days without fear.

“Here, I feel like students are definitely a priority and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else,” she says.