Mother seeks justice for 16-year-old son killed near their Huntsville home a year ago

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — It has been a year since 16-year-old Larry Flaccamio was shot on a street corner near his home on Bridge Road in north Huntsville.

His mother, Donna Howell, organized a march around the courthouse Thursday to bring attention to the fact that no one has been arrested for the killing and remind the community about the pain and loss suffered by families of murdered children.

The Huntsville Police Department said the investigation is ongoing into Flaccamio’s death and urged anyone with information to contact investigators.

Howell is working on starting a foundation to aid at-risk kids, especially those from working, single-parent homes. Howell said she knows parents have to work and can’t always be home to keep a close eye on their kids.

She is also determined to end the ‘code of silence’ that scares off witnesses and leaves criminals unpunished.

Howell, who adopted Larry as an infant, said her son was kind-hearted; generous to the point of giving away his own Christmas presents to kids who didn’t have any, and determined to one day be a famous enough rapper to buy a house for unwanted kids to live.

Howell said Larry especially loved Christmas – getting out their tree on Thanksgiving, urging her to put it up.

This year, she didn’t want to have the tree in the house, but she knew he’d always loved it, so she put it in his garden in their front yard.

As she began decorating it, she thought about other local families suffering similar pain. She decorated the tree with a number of photos of young people from the Huntsville area who’d been murdered in recent years.

Her home is filled with smiling pictures of Larry, but it’s been a terribly painful year. Howell continues to push for answers and for justice for her son.

“That pain will never go away, but I think it’s a little bit worse because you don’t have the answers,” she said. “A little bit worse because it was so close to home that I actually held his body in my arms.”




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