HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The family of a Huntsville man who has been missing for more than two years is looking for closure. 

Christopher St. Joseph, along with his car, has not been found. He was last seen on February 10, 2021. 

Donna St. Joseph, Christopher’s mother, said her son had a nervous breakdown in 2019 that required medication to treat it. He stopped taking that medication, and she believes that is what led to his disappearance.

“I have a very big picture window in my living room area. Every evening when I close the blinds on this large window, I look out and I tell myself he’s alive and he’s out there somewhere dead or alive,” said Donna St. Joseph.

Investigators in Huntsville have reported no leads in the case, but an outside search agency, Wrecked and Recovered, reached out to St. Joseph to inform her that they read her son’s story and have been searching through the lakes that surround North Alabama.  

The agency believes, based on their experience, that if a missing person and his car are nowhere to be found, then more times than not the car is in the water.

However, St. Joseph is grateful that someone other than the police has stepped in to look for her son. 

“I appreciate anything anyone can do, and I believe that this agency is legit and he’s doing his thing and he is helping people,” St. Joseph explained. “While his service is limited to a certain place like water, the value of that is he’s ruling out one search area.” 

The agency uses underwater sonar that locates submerged vehicles. They have pulled a lot of cars out of the lakes that surround North Ala., but none of the cars fit the description of the gray 2005 Toyota Camry that Christopher St. Joseph was last seen driving. 

“I’m presuming he went from manic and being very orientated to being psychotic,” said St. Joseph. “There are no leads but I’m his mother and he’s my life.” 

Christopher St. Joseph would now be 31 years old, and his mother said he was last seen driving that gray Camry around Monte Sano, Madison and Huntsville.