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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– Huntsville City Schools expelled 305 students last year, spokesman Keith Ward confirmed to WHNT News 19.

He says 14 of those expulsions involved information from a team that monitored the students’ online activity.

It’s part of the school systems’ program called “Students Against Fear,” or SAFe, and only done as needed after a tip has been given to the school system concerning threats or other offenses a student might be involved with.

Superintendent Casey Wardynski said it’s part of precautionary safety measures when he spoke about it during a September press conference.

“As any good parent would do, we take all the measures appropriate to ensure the safety of our kids,” he said.

The Huntsville City Schools’ code of conduct states expulsions happen after serious offenses involving guns, weapons, and drugs.

New information from our news partners at reveals the school system has paid $157,000 to a consulting firm called T&W Operations for work done by one of their employees, a former FBI agent.

Ward said that person is part of a three-person team to, among other duties, look into students in question.

Wardynski said in the September press conference that these procedures are”not unique to any school. It’s not unique to any set of children.”

Students who are expelled can appeal to the school board, but board member Laurie McCaulley tells WHNT News 19 the 14 students expelled as a result of these types of investigations have not done so.