HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Firefighters mostly find themselves in the news for putting out a powerful blaze, but those at the Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) also deserve a light shined on their good deeds.

A social media post from the department showed firefighters rallying to help a new resident recently.

The department said firefighters responded to a medical call at a home on Buckeye Bend. It was found that the home’s resident just moved in and had big, heavy boxes stacked to the ceiling.

“It was clear it would take some manpower to get the home in a better place,” the VFD stated.

The firefighters living in that area responded and helped the resident unpack their home — and make it safer.

Moores Mill VFD stressed that, “you don’t have to be a firefighter or EMT [emergency medical technician] to contribute to our department.”

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