MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – As Huntsville and the metro area continue to grow, one of the area’s volunteer fire departments said they’ve been responding to more and more calls for help.

In a Facebook post, Moores Mill Volunteer Fire and Rescue said they are inching towards 1,000 calls in 2022 alone. By comparison, the department responded to a total of 2,351 calls in 2021 – and that was their busiest year on record up to that point.

Of those nearly 1,000 calls this year, one volunteer firefighter has responded to 400 of them.

With the increase in calls as more people move to North Alabama, the department is looking for more volunteers to help keep everyone safe.

“We have well over 500 houses being built or planned in our district. We want to make sure we welcome these families with the proper safety infrastructure in place. If there were ever a time to make a difference, now is the time.”

Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Public Information Officer Ethan Fitzgerald

If you aren’t EMT (emergency medical technician) or fire certified and still want to volunteer, the department can help get you trained. Just stop by one of the stations if crews are around, message the department’s Facebook page, or fill out the contact form on the department’s website to get your questions answered.

More information about volunteering with Moores Mill VFR is available here.