Mock election aims to take the mystery out of the voting process for potential new voters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville High School invited its seniors to participate in a mock election Monday to walk them through the process of voting. Partnering with the League of Women Voters and the local probate office, the school even had actual election machines to take the mystery out of the voting process for eligible students.

“I think a lot of high schoolers are pretty clueless,” said senior Molly Culp.

“We’re still hitting about 50 percent of eligible voters actually going to the polls and voting,” noted Huntsville High School principal Aaron King.

The potential new voters signed in just like they would at a polling place, then filled out a mock ballot and entered it into a real voting machine.

“Teaching these kids how it works and the importance of it is tantamount to what it means to be an American citizen,” King said.

“I think it’s really important that we show young people that this is important, this actually does affect your future,” Culp said.

After voting, students were also able to register to vote, so they’ll be ready to participate in Super Tuesday in 2020.

“It’s pretty painless, not too difficult or scary, you just put your opinions down and that’s it!” Culp said.

Students even got an ‘I Voted’ sticker after entering their ballots.

The League of Women Voters hopes to bring this program to other schools in the Tennessee Valley.

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