HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) – A mural that had initially been created to pay homage to the Hazel Green, Alabama community has been removed after featuring the wrong town.

The Hazel Green Walmart recently received a touch-up in the form of a lovely mural at the entryway of their grocery store. The art featured some iconic images, including the Trojans basketball team, which highlights the high school’s success on the court in recent years.

However, the building in the middle caused a stir among residents.

Kevin Fritz Fotovich noticed the painting one-day while running errands. Liking what he saw, he posted a photo on Facebook and decided to look up this unique building online.

“I don’t remember seeing it [building] around here, and I thought maybe it was an old school house so I looked it up and it is an old school house in Hazel Green, Wisconsin,” Fotovich said.

News 19 reached out to Walmart’s corporate team, and they replied with:

We are aware of the mural that was installed at the Hazel Green store, and it has been removed. The mural program highlights the culture of the local community, and each unique piece is created by local and regional artists. We are engaging the artist to ensure new artwork is created that properly reflects the community.

Kelsey Bohl, Media Relations Senior Manager