Missing rodeo bull ‘Half Moon’ is back at the barnyard

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TONEY, Ala. – Half Moon is finally on familiar land but only after his owners spent two weeks looking for him.

“He was at another rodeo. We leased him out to the rodeo in Huntsville and he got out,” explained Ben White of Longhorn Farms. “When he got out in the parking lot there was a few guys trying to help get him back in there.”

They were unsuccessful. “He ran up into the mountains and the woods up there behind the Agribition Center,” added White. “We wore out some horses trying to get him back.”

They said Half Moon is normally calm unless someone’s on his back.

The bull is only 5 and the farmhands said his behavior was similar to a child’s tantrum.

“As far as his attitude, he’s usually a gentleman. He doesn’t really carry on a lot but you get him by himself and he’s like anything else. They don’t like pressure,” said White.

The bull is a stand out at longhorn farms. “He’s really tough and he’s got a lot of speed to him, he’s real strong,” said White.

Part of what made him so hard to catch.

Half Moon weighed as much as half of a car before he escaped.

“They’re 1,400 pounds, some of them are bigger than that,” explained Charlie Simmons of Longhorn Farms. “You’re not going to make them do anything they don’t want to do.”

By the time he was recaptured, the bull had lost a couple hundred pounds.

Farmhands said they worked tirelessly to find Half Moon so he wouldn’t harm anyone.

“We were worried about the bull himself being out, but we were more worried about the people’s safety,” said Simmons.

They said they never want to lose Half Moon or any other animals again.

“There are tracking devices you can put in them. We haven’t ever gone that route but after this, we might look into it.”

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