MidCity cited in 2017 as one of the 12 largest commercial real estate projects in the nation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- North Alabama is growing and one development is putting Huntsville on the map for having one of the largest commercial real estate projects in the nation. In 2017, MidCity District was listed as #4 in the nation for having the largest retail real estate developments underway.

Huntsville's business relations officer Harrison Diamond says the transition from Madison Square Mall to the MidCity District is transforming Huntsville's economic future.

"It's really become a collection point for our community and you get people from all across the city coming into one area," says Diamond.

The MidCity developer RCP Companies continue to plan and design new additions to the development as it grows. The district was recently cited as one of the 12 largest commercial real estate projects in the nation. The private and public investment at MidCity District is estimated to exceed $850 Million over the next 5 years.

"It's one of the largest construction projects currently underway in the United States," says Diamond.

He adds that the project is influencing more than just businesses at MidCity, it's also influencing the mood of Huntsville.

"You can judge the mood by the reinvestment," says Diamond. "Just across the street, you're seeing new facades going up, new businesses going up, and so I'd say overall, the entire area has been lifted up."

RCP Companies' project coordinator Nadia Niakossary says the reason for the growth and excitement is the new experiences.

"A bunch of studies show it's going towards experience-centered retail options like High Point and Dave and Busters," says Niakossary.

"People want to be in unique places and MidCity is one of those unique places," says Diamond.

Niakossary tells WHNT News 19 that soon, they will be announcing new and exciting restaurants, retail, and entertainment options coming to the MidCity District.