Mercedes Morris’ Family, Friends Mourn And Look For Answers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Family and friends of Mercedes Morris are asking for answers.

Fluttering caution tape is all that’s left of the shooting that took Mercedes Morris’ life on New Year’s Day. The 21-year old was shot in a parking lot of a Shell gas station while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. She later died at the hospital.

As the sun set on yet another day of unanswered questions, Morris’ family and friends gathered at that same gas station to comfort each other, and pray that answers as to who could have shot Morris will come soon.

Xzavia Ackins is Morris’ cousin, but was so close, she calls her a sister. “She was loved. If you know anything, anybody. If it was your son love your son well enough to turn him in because he needs help,” Ackins says.

Hands clench candles, wipe away tears, hold each other close.”All her family and friends make me see she didn’t die in vain,” Ackins says.

It’s memories, a picture, and  prayers that keeps their sister, cousin, and friend close.

Those close to Morris say they can’t begin to heal until they get answers.

Ackins clutches a picture of the young lady she won’t see again. “She’s gone. My sister’s gone,” Ackins says.

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