Members of Camelot Pool in south Huntsville are concerned about water quality and management transparency

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Since 1972, Camelot Pool in south Huntsville has been a summertime staple for hundreds of families.

Camelot has grown to three pools, and with a board made of volunteers, sometimes growing pains are inevitable.

“We’ve been contacted by some members about chlorine levels and wanting to make sure that pool levels are safe and that we are doing the right things as far as procedures," said Kari Nabors, who serves as the Camelot Pool board president.

“In the beginning of the summer, our biggest complaint was that they were closing all the time," said pool member Lauren Still.

“There have been times that levels have not been where we’d like them to be and we have closed," Nabors said. "Then there have been times where they’ve questioned about the water, and we haven’t closed, and that wasn’t right either.”

Many members have voiced their opinions on social media and have expressed concerns about the board being transparent about the pool’s issues.

“Sometimes social media just picks up a lot of hype and it makes it kind of hard for us to be able to answer every question in a timely manner," Nabors said.

One board member recently posted on the pool's Facebook page that he had tested the water and found it to be unsafe, and when he told the board that the pool should close, they did not close it in fear of continued backlash from members.

“There’s so many sides to the story that even I don’t know where the truth lies," Still said.

But ultimately, on both sides, safety is the main concern. And the board is making changes to make that safety a clear priority.

“We are implementing several new procedures and safety nets to make sure they do not have any other reasons to fear that the water levels are not safe," Nabors said.

Members have also expressed concerns about the chemical levels log not being available for members to look at themselves. Nabors said that they are currently dealing with the suspicion that some things at the pool have gone missing, and they think the log has possibly been tampered with. Thus, for now, only employees are allowed to access the official log.

The chemical levels will now be checked every other hour, and they’ll be listed on a whiteboard for all members to see.

“Let’s figure out together what’s going on, and work together in the same direction and not be fighting our own board for the direction we need to make for the pool," Still said.

“The people here, the members, the employees are like family to us," Nabors said. "So it’s very important to us that we do everything in our power to make this the best pool that we can.”

As of this week, Camelot management has hired a new certified pool operator. And to make sure that all of their members' concerns are addressed, a member meeting is being held Thursday night at 7 p.m.

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