HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A junior high school band director in Huntsville needs help getting instruments into the hands of young musicians. It’s going to cost $15,000 to repair the ones they have right now.

“We have a lot of instruments in the inventory, but right now over 65 percent of our instruments are unplayable,” says Stephen Six, McNair Jr. High School band director.

He says that’s going to cost an estimated $15,000, and it’s not something parents or community members can typically afford.

Until the instruments are fixed, Six says the kids have to share. And if someone has already checked the instrument out, they will just have to wait until the next day.

His goal is to get an instrument into the hands of every kid who wants one.

“Someone suggested to me that ‘if you just want to wait for a grant to come in or wait for the district to be able to get the funds you know you could be waiting a long time.”

Six says that in the meantime, a GoFundMe has been set up. Once money begins to come in, it’s going straight into the instruments’ repair. And those instruments will go into the hands of each child that needs one.