Mayor Tommy Battle Still Considering A Run For Governor

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In the North Hall of the Von Braun Center, you’d get a head count of around 1,100 for the State of the City on Wednesday.

A lot of those heads nodded along in agreement with the mayor.

Sure, he listed out accomplishments of the city, like a resume, but he also took an aggressive posture on improving the roads in Huntsville, including a video showcasing lawmakers from all over north Alabama standing in unison with the mayor.

It finished to a wave of applause.

It seems like the issue struck a chord with the crowd.

Several people we spoke with after speech said the push impressed them and would certainly help the mayor if he decided to seek higher office.

They added they’d be happy to support him.

Mayor Battle told WHNT News 19 after the speech that the governor’s race was a conversation for another day, but he told the crowd in regards to roads, “In Huntsville, we plan ten, fifteen, and twenty years ahead.  we solve problems, and we don’t wait on others to fix them for us. we solve problems, and we don’t wait on others to fix them for us.”

Battle shrugged off questions about running for higher office, although he did tell us the most important part of his speech was the bit on roads and any gubernatorial campaign would also focus heavily on education.

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