Mayor Battle says he’s optimistic about the future state of school system


Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Student discipline in Huntsville City Schools has been a hot topic all school year. The school system has a new plan called the behavioral learning guide, and it's set to take effect next school year.

Parents have been expressing their concerns about school discipline, and much of the conversation happens online with parents saying their concerns go unanswered.

Recently, some took it up the social media ladder to Mayor Tommy Battle to see what he has to say about school discipline.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Mayor Battle on Tuesday about the school system, and he says it's a work in progress - and changes aren't going to happen overnight, but they’re keeping an eye on the progress.

"We monitor it. We meet with Dr. Wardynski once a month. When we have concerns, we address those concerns and he gives us answers to those concerns,” said Mayor Battle.

But some parents say their concerns are being dismissed. A number of them have contacted the mayor to ask what he's doing on the matter. He's taken some heat; some citizens claim they're getting no responses, and their posts are being deleted.

The mayor's office confirmed that posts deemed as spam are removed. They say a spam post is when multiple of the same derogatory comments are on multiple, unrelated posts down the Facebook feed.

But Battle says he is listening. "We hear the citizens’ concerns through social media, through conversations, through meetings and community meetings. Those conversations, we address those with [Wardynski] and he usually knows the battle ground way before we ever get to him; And he has answers," said Mayor Battle.

Mayor Battle says he's trying to stay optimistic that things will get better with time.

"I think it's something we as a community have to work through. And it's something we'll continue to work through," said Battle.

While the school system irons out the wrinkles and pushes to get out from under the desegregation order.

"If we're going to be the city and we're going to have a school system that we want to work with, then we have to make sure that we work with the leaders of that school system," said Battle. "This year has been a tough year. Next year will be a little easier. The next year we'll look back and say ‘Wow! We've made it through," said Battle.

If you have concerns, email Mayor Battle at: