Mario’s Five Points merges family business, local artists, and historic Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Mario's is a locally-owned, family-oriented, history-centered pizzeria. The restaurant has been delivering food for a few years and started providing dining options within the last two weeks.

One of the owners, Mario Colorado, says he grew up in Huntsville. "Mario's gets its name from me and my dad," says Colorado. "We just wanted to build something in stone for hopefully people to remember."

The Mario's Five Points building is in the heart of the Five Points district in downtown Huntsville.

"We really wanted to focus on the history, especially because of this building because it's been here for decades," says Colorado.

The general manager for Mario's, Dan Thompson, says it all started with Mullin's in the 1950s. "At one point, they sold more hotdogs than anybody else in the United States," says Thompson. "And the building has just always been this ever-growing, but ever-present part of Five Points and part of Huntsville as a greater entity."

Each room within Mario's is a little bit different.

"Front and center, you come in and it's a little bit lively, it's where you place your order," says Thompson. "The Mario room over here is hearkening back to the Mullin's days."

One room is dedicated to local artists and musicians. "The entertainment room... we like to showcase all local artists," says Thompson. "Everyone who's in there lives essentially within walking distance."

They are also making their own history. Mario's received four perfect 100 health scores in a row.

Thompson says the scores are all thanks to Mario. "That goes back to Mario just being very meticulous and making sure everything is done the right way. You know, we all have backgrounds in food safety and food sanitation," says Thompson. "Everybody here cares and that's it more than anything."

Colorado says without the heart, drive, people, and such a caring environment, the local restaurant wouldn't be possible.

Mario's will be opening for brunch on December 1, 2019. Come next year, they will be focusing even more on catering and lunch service.

You can find their current menu below:

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