OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. (WHNT) — One man has been arrested after authorities say he led them on a chase for nearly 24 hours over multiple counties.

27-year-old Taylor Wayne Broussard was charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment/exposure to possible physical injury and third-degree domestic violence.

According to the Owens Cross Roads Police Department (OXPD), officers were called to a domestic dispute during the early morning hours of Sunday. When police arrived at the home, the caller/victim told them that the man, later identified as Broussard, had run back inside and locked it.

OXPD said there was probable cause for an arrest, as officers noticed lights going out through the windows. Backup was called as a Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy, OXPD Officer and Gurley Police Officer forced their way into the home.

Once inside, the officers found a child. Broussard had apparently run out the back door.

Throughout the rest of the day, officers kept an eye on the neighborhood searching for Broussard, following tips and leads from the community.

Authorities also learned that Broussard was wanted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections for a probation violation for burglary/identity theft.

Police finally received a call around sunset that a vehicle matching Broussard’s had been spotted, along with another neighbor saying they saw him running through a drainage ditch, over a fence and into the home.

Just a few minutes later, witnesses told officers that Broussard came running out of the house and ran straight towards a pickup truck in the driveway and left in a hurry.

OXPD quickly covered the nearby roads and alerted the New Hope Police Department to also be on the lookout for Broussard, along with learning that he could be headed in the direction of Hanceville in Cullman County.

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) was immediately alerted.

On Sunday afternoon, the CCSO was able to find Broussard and learned that he might have been getting ready to flee.

Meanwhile, the OXPD was able to obtain warrants for Broussard. He was transported to back to Madison County, where authorities say he is innocent until proven guilty.

Broussard is currently in the custody of the Madison County Jail on a $2,000 bond.