Man takes matters into his own hands after LGBT Pride flag goes missing in Five Points

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Lane Clemons, who lives in Huntsville’s Five Points, said someone stole his LGBT Pride flag off of his porch this week. He wants everyone to know that regardless, love will prevail.

Clemons said it happened sometime the evening of July 1.

“I came home from the gym and it was just gone,” he explained. “Looked around forever outside and didn’t find it, so figured someone stole it.”

He said that flag was special to him because of what it stands for.

“I thought I’d be the man I needed growing up and try to be as visible as possible for any kids out there coming up, and showing them that this gets better,” he said.

When we talked to Clemons, he did not want the exact location and street of his home revealed. But he said rather than worry about his safety, he will consider the best of his community instead.

“It happened the day after the Pride parade, which was a big success,” he explained. “I think that’s a bigger depiction of the community rather than someone who just came in and swiped something.”

He added, “It’s violating your privacy in your house, but at the end of the day it’s just a flag. I think with Nigel Shelby, the way the schools handled that, the number of LGBTQ+ people who take their own lives… that’s what concerns me. Not so much little things like this.”

He didn’t have to go flag-less for long though. A friend brought him a new pride flag, that she had hanging at her own home. He displayed it proudly, although whoever took his flag he said also snatched the pole it was on.

“I had to improvise and make a pole out of a broom handle because it’s all we had at the house,” he said.

His friend also brought over something else that he hopes will deter anyone from touching that flag now.

“She brought me a security camera,” he said. “If they want to take something, then I’m going to take their picture and we’re going to put it out.”

Clemons said even though this happened, and now that Pride Month has ended, he’s still going to celebrate who he is.

“Still going to be gay the rest of the year, still going to be proud, not ashamed,” he explained.

He plans to leave the new flag up as long as he wants to, without interruption.

“Just to show that love prevails,” Clemons noted.

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