Man injured after Saturday morning shooting on Stringfield Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville police say a man was shot on Stringfield Road Saturday morning before driving to a nearby gas station and calling 911.

Sargeant Shondon Warren said the shooting happened somewhere on Stringfield Road, and the victim was shot on the left side of his chest.

Authorities said they were searching for two people of interest, a man and woman. Investigators say they don’t know if the man or the woman shot the gun.

A business owner in the area says when he bought his property 15 years ago, things like this shooting did not happen.

“I never seen nothing like this in my life,” says Albert Moore. “When you bring stuff in like this right here, that’s going to run my property down.”

Moore says over the last three years, he’s noticed a difference in the neighborhood and believes it’s going to get worse if something doesn’t change.

“The people got to change it,” says Moore. “We got to start taking responsibility for ourselves.”

Moore hopes the Huntsville City Council will notice the changing neighborhoods and do something about it, like enforcing rules. “I want to see that they make the people keep their property clean, keep their trash picked up,” says Moore.

Huntsville police say the shooting on Stringfield Road is an ongoing investigation.

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