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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Juan Laws, who is charged with capital murder in the March 28 shooting death of Huntsville Police Department Officer Garrett Crumby, sought to withdraw his guilty plea on a concealed weapons charge.

On April 11, court records show Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard responded to Law’s request, saying the State had no objection to his charge of “carrying a pistol without a permit” being dropped.

Court documents also show Laws made his first appearance before a judge on March 29 and based on the capital murder charge, he is not eligible for bond.

An arrest warrant for capital murder also appeared in the court file.

The warrant says there is probable cause to believe Laws on March 28 intentionally caused the death of Officer Garrett Crumby by shooting him with an AR-15, while he was on duty as a Huntsville Police Department officer.

Laws’ attorneys filed a motion seeking to withdraw the guilty plea that he entered on March 23 for a 2022 charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Court records show that sentence included a $200 fine and a $100 bail fee. He was also directed to turn in the weapon.

The arrest warrant from March 24, 2022, shows Laws was found with a Glock 19x 9mm pistol.

In the new court filing Laws’ attorneys argue he entered the guilty plea without a lawyer. The filing argues since the Alabama Legislature ended the permit required for a concealed weapon on Jan. 1, 2023, “there is no crime for which he could enter a plea and be sentenced.”

Court records show Laws has been given two court-appointed attorneys Larry Marsili and Bruce Gardner.