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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The double-murder of a Toney couple included a gruesome crime scene and later a confession to the killings by Jason Loveday, a Madison County Sheriff’s Office investigator said Wednesday in Loveday’s preliminary hearing.

Loveday, 32, is charged with capital murder in the June 9 killings of 31-year-old Christopher Wayne Reyer and 50-year-old Sharon Eilene Morell.

Following the hearing Madison County District Judge Linda Coats ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to a Madison County grand jury.

Melissa Webster, the investigator handling the case, testified Morell was decapitated and Reyer had been beaten with a pipe and had his throat cut.

Webster said Morell was Loveday’s aunt and he was staying with the couple.

Webster said when deputies went to the mobile home on Gatlin Road they could hear dogs barking inside. The couple had two pit bulls and Webster said Loveday told her he suffered multiple bites from Morell’s dog while he was killing her.

The case began when a man was approached outside a hair salon on Alabama 53 by Loveday, who appeared to have blood on him, Webster said. The man told deputies that Loveday said he’d been involved in a double-murder and asked him to call 911.

Webster said Loveday was taken into custody and later agreed to be questioned about the case.

Webster said she interviewed Loveday twice. He said he was tired of the way Reyer treated his aunt, but after killing him, he said she’d seen too much, so he also killed her. He said he buried the knife he used in the killings, but investigators have been unable to locate it, Webster said.

Defense attorney Patrick Tuten questioned Webster about whether Loveday told her he regularly hears voices. Webster said Loveday did say he heard voices, including one that told him following the murders to put Morell’s head with Reyer’s body.

Webster said following the killings a teen was out riding his four-wheeler when he said he saw a man in the woods, covered in blood, beating his chest and screaming, ‘I’m a warrior.’ The terrified teen went home and his family reported the encounter to investigators.

Madison County Assistant District Attorney Tim Gann said prosecutors have not decided if they will pursue the death penalty for Loveday.