Man arrested for pulling a gun at Huntsville rally faces municipal court, will likely move to jury trial

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A former Grissom High School teacher, Shane Ryan Sealy, was found guilty by a Huntsville city judge Monday for being accused of pulling a gun at an immigration rally last June.

Sealy was found guilty of the class C misdemeanor charge, and Judge J Grimes sentenced him to a maximum fine of $500, 90 days in prison with a 60 day suspension, and anger management. Sealy was also offered an appeal bond of $1,000.

“If he does that appeal within the next two weeks that sentence is no longer imposed and its no longer effective,” said Sealy’s defense attorney Joshua Graff.

Huntsville police arrested Sealy June 30, 2018, when witnesses say he pulled out his gun in the crowd during the “Families Belong Together” protest at Big Spring Park.

“You don’t know what he’s going to do with the gun out, it was literally a moment of panic,” recalled event organizer Yalitza LaFontaine.

Sealy originally faced two harder charges for his actions, but they were dropped through an appeal. Monday he attended municipal court for the misdemeanor charge of pulling a gun at a rally.

“This was a nonviolent charge simply for possession, not for brandishing it, not for making any threats with it, simply having it on his person,” Graff said.

No one was hurt the day of the rally in June 2018, but the rally’s emcee Ava Caldwell still wants justice.

“He has no argument, there’s nothing that’s going to keep him from this charge,” Caldwell said. “He put peoples lives in danger, he’s going to end up being sentenced I hope as harshly or more harsh in the next trial.”

Sealy has two weeks to pay the appeal bond, and then this case will move to the circuit court where Sealy will have a jury present at trial.

“We are not going to give up, not gonna go away, he can appeal again, we’ll be there again,” Caldwell said.

Graff said Sealy does plan to pay the appeal bond, but a court date will not be set for several months.

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