Mae Jemison High students take pride in their first football game

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The start of football season means each team gets a fresh start, but that's especially true for Mae Jemison High School, the school in Huntsville that just opened two weeks ago.

By the time kickoff rolled around at Louis Crews Stadium, water was cascading down the bleachers and fans were huddled under umbrellas. Not exactly ideal conditions for those in charge of school spirit.

“I’m soaked," said cheerleader Antayza Miller.  “Oh my goodness, our hair, makeup, everything, was just ruined."

But the band played on and the cheerleaders knew they still had a job to do.  “No, you have to keep going, that’s what you tried out for," she said.

Call it a sense of duty, even for some of the adults.  “My husband is the band director," said Crishina Benion.  “So really excited to see the band and football team.”

Of course, Jemison High isn't just boasting a new football team, they have a world-class building and new sense of identity.  “Very exciting to see the school and the band and everything play out," said Benion.

That has many of their students swelling with pride.  “New teachers, new experience, it’s wonderful. All of our grades are pretty good as well so you know the teachers are doing their right job," saidMiller.

It only goes to show, it's going to take a whole lot more than rain to diminish the spirit of this Mae Jemison High School crowd.

Calera High School beat Jemison High tonight, 25-6.