Madison resident wins big as contestant on The Price is Right

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MADISON, Ala. – One Madison resident is excited to finally share her win on a popular CBS game show. Nancy Harkey was on The Price is Right four weeks ago. The episode aired Monday morning at ten as part of The Price is Right’s 48th season. Nancy’s family and friends had a viewing party on Monday night to see how she did on the show. “Four week’s ago I was out to L.A for a conference, and my cousin got us some tickets. We walked in that morning, and it was about a six or seven-hour process,” said Nancy. “The whole studio is interviewed by a producer, and once the producer interviews you, they pick who they’re gonna have,” said Nancy. “So when he came around and was talking to everybody, he came up to me and said ‘Ahhhh” and I said ‘Oh what’s love got to do with it’ and he said ‘Oh we got a Tina Turner up in the house!’ So my cousin said ‘You’re gonna get picked!’ I said ‘Oh I can’t believe I am!'” Nancy’s cousin was right. “I could not believe it. If you watch the show you saw I fell back in my chair. I could not believe they called my name,” said Nancy. “And they hold your name up written on a card because you can’t hear anything cause there’s a lot of noise. So I couldn’t hear my name, but my cousin said ‘They called your name!’ and I saw my name up on stage and I said “Ohh!’ I was totally shocked,” said Nancy. Nancy did not make it on stage on the first item up to bid on in Contestant’s Row. “They came out with the dune buggies… and I won,” said Nancy. Nancy bid $1600 and was the closest to the actual retail price without going over. “And when I won I was just floored. I could not believe it,” said Nancy. She made it on stage and got to snag a hug from host Drew Carey. “I got to hug and touch Drew! I could not believe it!” exclaimed Nancy. Nancy then got the chance to play the game Swap Meet. “When I got up on stage they had a table of designer purses. They described the purses and they said they were gonna show me three items. And the items were a desktop computer, washer and dryer, and an elliptical machine,” said Nancy. “And so they said ‘Which one of these items are gonna match the designer purses?’ And I said oh this is easy ‘The washer and dryer.'” When they went to the washer and dryer and turned the price up it said $3700. Then they turned the designer purses price up and it said $3700. “I was so happy! So happy! I could not believe I got the price right,” said Nancy.

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Nancy then got to spin the wheel for a chance to make it to the final showcase. “Oh and can you believe I won on the wheel on 55!” shouted Nancy. Nancy gave a shout out to her friends and family in Huntsville, Alabama as she spun the wheel. “That wheel was so heavy! I pulled, and I don’t remember my first number but my second number gave me 55, and I won,” said Nancy. “Then I got to go to the final showcase,” said Nancy. “I was the top winner for that particular time, so they showed me my showcase first.” Nancy’s showcase was a trip to Aruba, Alaska, and to Singapore. “So then they asked me if I wanted to pass it or if I wanted to bid on it and I said ‘I think I wanna bid,’ and I bid it and bid $28,000,” said Nancy. “With my three trips, it was $26,654, so I was over. So the young lady next to me bid it and said $24,866. So she was just under because if she would have said $25000 she would have been over,” explained Nancy. “I was so happy for her. That was really great. I was happy for her.” Nancy may not have won the final showcase… “But I feel like the star, and I’m the winner! And I was a winner, and I represented Huntsville, Alabama and Madison, Alabama,” shouted Nancy. She was able to mark this off her bucket list, but there’s still one big thing left. “That’s my next thing on my bucket list. I’ve been told all my life I look like Tina. I want to go and see Tina Turner, and one day she’s gonna tell me ‘Come over and let’s just have lunch,” said Nancy with a laugh.

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