Madison Mayor Details Plans For Downtown

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Mayor Troy Trulock says improving downtown remains a big focus of the city’s capital improvement plan.

The mayor champions a three point plan for the area, and he says he hopes it’ll be finished in around a year’s time.

Phase One is already complete, and now the city moves on to Phase Two.

The mayor says he hopes it’ll help downtown turn the corner and fill every storefront, “We build it; they will come. That’s what we expect.”

That sums up the plan to fill out Madison’s downtown fairly well.

The city plans infrastructure improvements and hopes it will translate to better occupancy rates.

They already finished Phase One of the project.

Phase Two focuses on the area with plenty of doors to fill.  They plan to upgrade the infrastructure for these buildings.

Trulock lists, “We’re doing streetscape. We’re doing drainage. We’re completely redoing the street.”

The city already cleared one of its biggest hurdles for improving the street – actually getting the money.

Trulock explains, “We now have funding for it.  Hopefully we’ll have city council approval real soon to actually do this, and once we do, we can start the preliminary designs and move out.”

All told the improvements with Phase Two and the additional Phase Three which focuses on the area behind main street should finish up by next May.

The mayor hopes improved storefronts will follow improved infrastructure – but he’s not taking on that timeline, “It’s really up to the property owners.  A guesstimate would be maybe next summer.  We should hopefully see these other businesses growing, but again the first step is to improve the infrastructure.”

Downtown Madison relies on age for charm, still the mayor points out new infrastructure might be more enticing for prospective businesses.

One new business looking to move in is the Old Black Bear Brewery.

They say a large drainage pipe in their facility is keeping them from setting up shop by their deadline of September.

Mayor Trulock says the pipe will be handled as part of Phase Two – though it’s unlikely it will get done until December.

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