Madison Fire Wives Raise Money for West, Texas Fire Departments

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MADISON Ala. (WHNT) – They first came together to support one another in their shared experiences as wives of firefighters, but now they’re banding together to help their brothers and sisters in need in West, Texas.

The West Volunteer Fire Department lost 14 of their own in the explosion at the West fertilizer plant.

“It’s a tough time when your husband goes out the door and you don’t know if he’s going to come back,” said Juliana Gentry.

Juliana Gentry is the wife of a Madison City firefighter and belongs to the group of fire-wives from across the nation.

The women of decided it was time to support not only each other, but the men and women who run into danger every day in a little town many had never before heard of.

“We really wanted to be able to reach out and help because the fire department in Texas is a volunteer fire department.  So everything they have comes from donations or grants or support from groups like us,” said Juliana Gentry.

They started a campaign to raise funds for the West, Texas Volunteer Fire departments that lost nearly everything. Their goal is to sell 150 t-shirts and raise about $1,500.

“But we’ve exceeded that goal and we’re excited about that.  We’re up to $5,000 now,” said Juliana Gentry.

The funds raised will go toward replacing 3 fire trucks and much of the departments’ safety equipment.

“Maybe next time when their tones go off they’ll feel a little bit safer in being able to furnish them this equipment,” said Juliana Gentry.

The shirts cost $16. About $8 of every order will go to the volunteer fire departments. The fundraiser will be running until May 11th.

Shirts can be purchased at

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