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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- (WHNT) — Some local non-profits are seeing a drop in donations amid rising inflation, but needs remain high.

Madison County United Way Director of Development Claudia Bucher says it’s a cycle, and donations traditionally follow trends of the economy.

“Typically things are going great and its a positive atmosphere but when its not people kind of pull back just for safety,” Bucher told News 19. “It’s like ‘oh, we want to take care of our family, we want to make sure we have enough to provide for our family’ so I think it goes hand in hand with whatever is going on in the world.”

Bucher says Madison County United Way has seen a slowing trend with the current economic uncertainties that come with inflation.

“The campaigns are finishing but it’s taking a little bit longer, for employee campaigns,” Bucher continued. “They’re just not rushing to get their pledges in with employee campaigns. Corporations aren’t rushing to sign a check and send it to us, so it’s just slowing.”

They rely on community donations to meet the needs of those less fortunate, so less dollars can mean less help.

“If that money is not coming in, then we are not as easily readily available to provide assistance to those calling us,” said Bucher.

United Way serves as a community hub for social services. They help 27 health and human service agencies and 35 programs with operations to best serve the community with various needs.

Bucher says only a few dollars from individual donations to non-profit agencies can make a difference and collectively can make a huge positive change in the community.

To donate to United Way of Madison County, click HERE. To find a list of United Way partners click HERE.