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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. –  Keon Jackson is charged with serious crimes and now police added an escape charge to his rap sheet after he tried to break out of the Madison County Jail last Thursday.

WHNT News 19 requested information regarding the sheriff’s office safety measures when it comes to patrolling the jail. They responded with this statement:

“During routine rounds in the facility it was discovered that an inmate had tampered with the metal structure of the window in his assigned cell. A search of the cell uncovered items are could be fabricated into tools having the potential use of facilitating an escape.”

All items discovered are routinely issued to inmates or are items that the inmate has access to in day to day activities. No items foreign to the facility were discovered.  Security rounds are conducted at random and staggered intervals ranging from 15 minutes never to exceed 2 hours dependent on the security risks or needs of the inmate population.”

Along with the escape charge, Jackson is also charged with capital murder, arson and robbery in connection with a 2017 deadly shooting and robbery near Tucker Drive in Huntsville.  Jackson also tried to escape from jail in May 2018.

The court just ordered Jackson to undergo a mental evaluation prior to his trial for the charges of capital murder, robbery and arson. The order said Jackson intends to plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

According to the order, the exam will tell Jackson’s attorney, the judge and the state whether Jackson is mentally capable of assisting in his defense. It should also tell the courts what Jackson’s mental state was at the time of the crimes he’s accused of committing.

This mental evaluation will stall any court hearings until the Alabama Department of Mental Health turns over the findings.