Madison County school leaders announce new partnership with Lockheed Martin; will help with technology costs

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Monday, Madison County Schools Superintendent Matt Massey announced a new partnership with Lockheed Martin.

A game changer for Madison County Schools came in the form of a box truck. “The most up to date technology in the hands of the students, it’s going to give them resources just right off the bat, right now,” says Superintendent Matt Massey.

The truck was one of four from Lockheed that is bringing 100 laptops, docking stations, and 50 copiers and printers to classroom across the district. “We look at these partnerships in the community as a chance for us to partner, to be able to establish that pipeline of talent and we’re very proud and honored to be able to work with Madison County Schools,” says John Sharpe, a representative from Lockheed Martin.

As with most partnerships, there’s an interesting story behind how this all began.  “Just happened to meet one of the leadership of Lockheed just at a Convenience store and it just kind of led to this,” says Massey.

In the future, Superintendent Massey hopes Lockheed Martin will play an integral role in developing the district’s virtual school. “This is a first phase of a 2 to 3 phase program. we hope to continue to partner with them to be able to provide the tools necessary for the next generation of scientists and engineers,” says Sharpe.

A partnership that both parties say is just getting started. “If we see a need, we’re hoping we can go to Lockheed and say this is our next need that we have, can you help us with this? They seem to be willing and excited to help us,” says Massey.

As a part of the partnership, Madison County Schools hopes to integrate learning opportunities for students that could prepare them for a career at Lockheed Martin.