Madison County Commission requests attorney general’s opinion on procurement payment option

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Madison County Commission is looking to innovate the way it makes purchases in hopes to save a little money.

The commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday in favor of a resolution to request the attorney general's opinion concerning a commercial card agreement, in the form of a procurement card.

"It's similar to a credit card, but gives it gives an itemized listing of the purchases that were made and their respective areas," said District 6 County Commissioner Bob Harrison.

So why would they use an accounting system externally, rather than issuing a purchase order internally? Harrison says it's simple: it's saving money. "We've estimated it takes $100 of addition cost for each single purchase order."

Meaning if a purchase order of $100 is turned in, it will actually cost the county $200. "By having this credit card system and allowing someone else to provide the accountability, would eliminate the burden on us," said Harrison.

According to Harrison, the county does roughly 1,500 purchase orders a month, which equals out to $150,000 a month. This new system would mean all of that money could then be allocated to better the quality of life for Madison County.

"If I could choose: better roads, better schools, better budgets for other social services for Madison County for juvenile services," said Harrison.

Of course, the county has to wait for the attorney general's opinion before it can move forward with the process of implementation.

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