Madison County Commission approves Wayne Road and Old Monrovia intersection improvements

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The intersection of Wayne Road and Old Monrovia is known for being a headache for drivers to navigate.

Today the Madison County Commission joined together with the City of Huntsville to start an improvement project at that intersection.

“If you’ve gone through that intersection much, you know it’s a crazy intersection,” says Phil Vandiver.

Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver says to fix the terrible intersection, they will be adding turn lanes and leveling the road to make it safer.

“A little turn to the right, back almost a 180 degree turn right back to the west if you’re heading north on Wayne Road.. so it’s a tough little intersection to navigate,” says Vandiver.

Vandiver has been in office for six years, and says he’s had residents complaining about this intersection that whole time. He says it’s something the commission has been saving for years to improve.

“A lot of our citizens have asked us to look at it over the years. We’ve been working with it. We’ve been working with the city of Huntsville to get them involved in it so we can pool our resources and make our resources go further,” says Vandiver.

He says it will be a 50/50 split between City of Huntsville and Madison County. The price tag coming in at just under $700,000.

“So if we split it up a little bit, both of us pay a little over $300,000 I think that’s a good resource for the peoples money,” says Vandiver.

He says now, it is up to the Huntsville City Council to vote and make the agreement official in order to go forward with this project.

Vandiver says he doesn’t know if Huntsville City Council will vote on this during their next meeting. The project has been bid to the local company Reed Contracting Services, Inc.

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