HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Residents in Madison County now know where in the county they’ll be represented come the 2024 election cycle.

Wednesday the commission approved a draft for the new district lines, as required by law every ten years, after the census.

“I think that we couldn’t lose. We had three very good plans,” District 6 Representative Violet Edwards said.

It was Draft A that beat out the other two proposed district maps, B and C. Each one differed slightly in the allocation of population and miles of roads.

“I think the one that we adopted was actually the best one that would allow growth, both population and business and industry in all six districts,” Edwards said.

Each district has to be split evenly based on 2020 Census data of county population, within a five percent difference. It now gives Industrial Park to District 6.

“There is a commercial opportunity that way,” Edwards said. “We know that homes are popping up that way. And in 10 years it was important for me to be able to see growth in the district.”

Commissioners Steve Haraway, Phil Vandiver, and Phil Riddick joined Edwards in support, while commissioners Tom Brandon and Craig Hill voted nay.

But even with opposition, Hill says Draft A is still manageable.

“With the new plans we’ll have a line over about all of the ledges, that will leave all of Hampton Cove in District 3 and District 5 will service the south Huntsville area,” Hill said. “Plan A was okay. Plan B just worked better for District 1 and District 3. All through the commission, Plan A is a good plan. It’s a straighter line. It’ll be easier for the constituents to see who their commissioner will be.”

Commission Chairman Dale Strong said despite being the only non-unanimous vote Wednesday the process was still a success and avoids controversy.

“It’s about as square of districts as you’ll see throughout the state of Alabama,” Strong said. “There’s no gerrymandering that’s there. And the districts are plus or minus five percent in the population. I believe it was a great process.”