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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s hard to drive through Madison and not see signs of change everywhere you look.

“Madison’s growing,” said Mayor Troy Trulock. “We’ve got a great school system. We have a great quality of life. People want to be in Madison.”

From road improvements to business openings, Madison has continued its growth spurt

With a population of nearly 43 thousand, it is the tenth largest city in the state and more people continue to move there, which is why Amanda Howard Real Estate (AHRE) chose to open its second office along County Line Road.

“Madison is one of the fastest growing communities in Alabama and so we just are excited to be a part of that growth,” said Howard. “We see families that are wanting to find out about homes, they’re searching for more homes here in Madison.”

“It’s really crucial to have something here with the expansion of just so much going on with County Line Road and then all the other areas surrounding, it’s just really exciting,” said AHRE-Madison broker Clair Lee.

Madison City has the third highest number of home sales in the county so far this year and the second highest average sales price.

More people means more tax dollars, which can then go to improving roads and in turn attract more businesses.

“Because of that growth and the support that we receive, our roads and infrastructure being taken care of and when you take care of your roads and infrastructure, your businesses appreciate that,” said Mayor Trulock. “I think that’s helped spur on quite a bit of growth.”

“It’s something we should be proud of and we should embrace because the more economic growth we get, the more revenues are coming in, the more opportunities we have to provide better education, good incomes for people, education for higher ed,” said Stat Representative Mac McCutcheon. “All of these things fit together to provide us just with a nice area to live and raise our families.”