Madison Co. Commission fails to appoint Farmers Market board members


It was apparent Commission Phil Riddick was none too pleased with the idea of his fellow commissioners reappointing the same members to the Farmers’ Market Board of Directors saying, “nothing happened last year.” (PHOTO: David Wood, WHNT)

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Announcement of appointments to places 1-7 of the Farmers’ Market Board of Directors was supposed to take place at the Madison County Commission’s May 6 meeting. But Commissioners said they weren’t ready. 2 weeks later, the item appeared on the agenda again, and again met a roadblock.

Last year when the Commission looked at options in regard to the Farmers’ Market Board, that Board was reconstituted with members appointed for a 1 year term which expire June 1. Commissioners were to reappoint or elect another applicant — if, that is, the Commission wants to keep the board in place.

When Commission Chairman Dale Strong asked if everyone was prepared with their recommendations, most said they were keeping their previous board member. But Phil Riddick said he had some major concerns about the board — the same ones, in fact, which he expressed last year.

“There was a lot of problems getting this board together to meet and I really have a problem appointing the same people, Riddick said. “My person showed up to the meetings and called me constantly about others not showing up. I’m not going to put her back on if the same people are on because they didn’t come to the meetings; and nothing happened last year. So, I want to see some different people on that Board or I’m not going to appoint anybody in my spot — y’all can appoint it and do it the way you want to,” Riddick said as he tossed his pen down.

District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones said he did have a new applicant to appoint but would like time to interview both candidates he had in mind. Chairman Strong made the decision to have the appointments ready by next meeting even though it falls after the prescribed deadline, saying he saw no reason to ‘hold a special meeting to appoint a Farmers’ Market Board.’

Strong finished the discussion saying, “If it’s not working I have no problem with bringing the decision back to the commission. So we’ll table this and place it on our next Commission agenda.”




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