Madison City High Schools Ban Football Game “White Outs”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - What was a fun game time tradition for students became a health concern for some parents.

It's called a "white out."  Students toss baby powder into the air whenever their team scores a touchdown.  It's a practice principals at Bob Jones and James Clemens High Schools in Madison have now officially banned.

Robby Parker, principal of Bob Jones High School, says at first it was not a concern for him and something he saw as a fun football game celebration.

However complaints from a handful of parents who were worried the powder could cause breathing issues for students with asthma and witnessing the white outs firsthand, made him reconsider after Friday's game against James Clemens.

"It started out very benign and I think it's a great tradition.  It didn't bother me," said Parker.  "But, it has become invasive with so much of it going into the air."

Parker says with nearly 1,500 students tossing baby powder into the air, it left a white cloud hovering over the student section.

"A little bit of powder became a lot of powder.  It just became something we needed to address," said Parker.  "But, we have great kids.  They weren't doing it to hurt anybody."

Parker says they don't want to take away the excitement of Friday night football, but students will have to find other ways to celebrate.

"We're going to be just as excited.  We're going to have just as much fun. We're just not going to have any baby powder."

Parker says he will be informing students about the ban throughout the week, via morning announcements and Twitter.

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