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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – When’s the last time you visited Madison Square 12 Cinemas? Well, according to ticket sales, it’s likely been years.  Owners with Touchstar Cinemas had a decision to make – let their theater fall victim to the declining area, or make a drastic change. The owners took the latter option, and $2 million later, the theater has been transformed from top to bottom to provide a luxurious experience.

“We had to do something different,” explained Madison Square 12 Cinemas owner, Bimal Dattani. “ We must let people come to us instead of us getting people because of the mall. We know because that wasn’t happening.”

The theater is located behind Sears in the Madison Square Mall complex. In March the theater began the renovation aiming for the ‘WOW’ factor.

“From the tiles, to the paint, to the drywall everything is brand new,” shared Dattani.

The lobby has been rejuvenated with a clean and modern concession area. The shiny tile floors reflect brand new lighting throughout the theater, setting a new tone to the formerly worn out facility.

“We wanted to do something completely different in Alabama that people have never seen.” Told Dattani.

And they did. The theater is the first in the state to have luxury recliners. Each theater underwent massive renovation, replacing every worn out plastic chair with $800 fully reclining seating. This drastically reduced theater seating from 100 or more per theater to a mere 40. The largest theater holds 94 reclining seats. Each chair is electrically powered and completed with LED cup holders, trays for food and a disposable pillow!

“You get the outside experience,” said Dattani. “And the going out experience, and you get the comfort like being home.”

While the inside is merely unrecognizable, there is one staple you’ll remember. The bubbly quilted rocket art pieces that line the theater walls will not be going anywhere.

“This has been a space town and those shuttles have been there forever,” explained Dattani. “Why take them down?”

So, what is this experience going to run you?

“You should be able to afford a movie, not like you have to mortgage your house,” said Dattani.

Tickets range from $6.00 – $8.50, the price of giving this theater a second chance.

“We can be the beginning of something good for the area,” added Dattani.

At this time, 10 of the 12 theaters are complete. The theater plans to be finished with the entire renovation by December 17, just in time for the Star Wars: Episode VII premiere!