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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some of Huntsville’s most creative and artistic individuals got to reopen their shops to the public this afternoon. Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment opened its doors, but on a limited basis.

Some have waited weeks to check out their favorite artists. People have been saying, “I’m happy to see you again.” The shop owners say they’re open, but they’re also taking it easy and exercising caution.

“We are allowing purchases to happen, if people are uncomfortable coming in we can still do curbside pickup and we are still offering deliveries too,” said Vertical House Records Co-owner Ashley Vaughn.

Ashley Vaughn runs Vertical House Records with her husband, as well the photography studio next door. She’s excited to usher in the listeners, but she’s also being cautious.

“With something new none of us have lived through anything like this so it’s just the uncertainty times everything and we missed our customers,” said Ashley.

Her businesses are among many studios reopening at Lowe Mill ARTS downtown. Still, others are choosing to wait.

Everyone is required to face a mask on Lowe Mills property, and only 50 guests and shoppers are allowed on site — along with 160 plus gallery owners and staff.

“Right now, our business is not letting a lot people in, there’s not a lot of people in Lowe Mill to begin with so we feel comfortable in that,” Mastermind Models and Miniatures Owner Clay Williams.

Clay Williams owns a miniature paint shop. He’ll take paint orders, but he suspended birthday parities and painting classes until conditions are favorable to gather again. His team will have to forfeit that extra stream of income.

“It definitely hurt us to not have students at this time,” said Clay.

But they’re prioritizing health more than anything.

Keep in mind that the hours have changed as well. Lowe Mill will be open Wednesday-Friday from 12- 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.