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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  With all the excitement surrounding the Iron Bowl, it’s nearly impossible to get people’s attention drawn to anything other than football, even a bride walking down the aisle!

“Iron Bowl weekend in the wedding business,” explains Wedding Chapel on the Mountain Owner,  Eddie Levick, “We call that a vacation day!”

Eddie Levick is an ordained minister, wedding planner and all around nuptial extraordinaire. Their business does about 150 weddings a year at three popular mountain top venues in Huntsville.

It’s common sense for people who live in the state of Alabama to not plan a wedding the day of the big game. In fact, in the last 20 years, Chapel on the Mountain has only had three Iron Bowl weddings.

“That’s only because we get some folks who come down from Tennessee or over from Georgia,” said Levick.

Nuptials free from the ties of Alabama and Auburn football.

“It’s a phenomenon that other people in the United States have no idea about,” said Levick.

And quite frankly, if you do schedule a wedding on Iron Bowl Saturday, good luck hiring your photographer, band and other support staff. After two decades in the business, he knows it’s tough to book people to work. If there is a wedding, he recruits workers from out-of-state to help out.

“Alabama folks, they have more important things to do on that Saturday,” said Levick.

But as you all know, the Iron Bowl isn’t the only important game in the fall. If you want to tie the knot while a good game is being played, you’ve got a guest who may receive as much attention as the bride!

“Somebody who’s designated to keep track of the score,” explains Levick. “And they will make periodic announcements during the reception. And everybody goes wild!”

Here in the south, we love a good wedding — but not as much as we love our college football seasons.

Levick says wedding parties book about 6-8 months in advance to secure a venue. And no matter how desperate people may want a location, the Iron Bowl trumps an available date.