Locals and Visitors Reflect on Memorial Day at The Veterans Memorial

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – 88-year-old Charles Souther has a special place in his heart for Memorial Day. "I have had other friends and relatives that lost their lives in World War II. I had three Great Grandfathers that were in The Civil War," Souther explained.

Souther is a 3 year Army Veteran and remembers the day he joined. "There was five of us that went to the county courthouse and met the recruiting sergeant. One of the boys was 17-years-old," Souther said.

The 17-year-old's name was Claud Stevens. Souther thinks of him often. "His father had to come down and sign papers, so he could get in the Army. He is the only one that didn`t come back. I thought of that so many times. He came up missing in Korea. That could have been me," Souther explained.

Janice Pigue's husband, brother, and father all served in the military. "It makes me feel proud. It`s a feeling really hard to describe," Pigue said.

Dorthy Williams came out to the Veterans Memorial with her family to honor the fallen soldiers and teach her grandchildren the importance of Memorial Day. "We need to remember what this day stands for. If we forget the soldiers then we have forgotten the world," Williams said.

Everyone that came out on Monday comes from a different background, but yet they are similar. They are all similar because they all have respect for the fallen men and woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. "When I think about that young fellow that didn`t come back it makes me sad, but I also have a sense of pride," Souther said.

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