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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Public Health recommends cloth masks any time people are in a place where they cannot remain 6 feet apart. The goal is safety, but one local woman is selling masks that don’t just protect people, they also celebrate African heritage.

The last week has been filled with heartache, anger, protests, and in some cases violence since the death of George Floyd. But it has also been filled with unity, love, and support for one another as the nation works through this difficult time.

Rosemary Jordan runs a boutique out of her home called Suiting You.

She has been selling African-inspired clothing and masks since before the chaos erupted. But the situation highlights, even more, the vision and purpose behind her brand.

“My passion is for us to embrace who we are and where we come from. All of these beautiful colors in our garments represent different countries in Africa and it represents the queens and kings that we are,” said Jordan.

She orders the clothing from several different black-owned vendors from across the country.

“The masks are made by an elderly woman out of state and it’s a blessing because she is elderly and so, therefore, she has an income coming in. So it’s a blessing to me and then I can share that blessing with someone else,” said Jordan

Her business puts food on her table but also encourages pride and unity.

“It only takes us putting our boots on the ground,” she said. “It only takes us saying there is a need, I don’t do anything by myself. Everything that empowerment through change does, it does in collaboration with other organizations.”

Combining fashion, safety and community, using cloth to make an impact.

The best way to reach Rosemary and shop her boutique is to give her a call. Her number is (256)468-0756. You can also message her on Facebook.