Local veteran speaks out about Pizza Hut military discount controversy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It's a story that shows the headaches social media can cause. A Facebook post surfaced over the weekend accusing a local Pizza Hut of denying a service member a military discount, and ordering him to leave.

The post quickly went viral. While there are conflicting reports about what actually happened, there is plenty of frustration on both sides.

Local veteran and founder of the Bearded Warriors Ty Oswald said the whole situation is frustrating because now a business is taking a hit, and a veteran is put in a negative light essentially because of how viral social media can make something.

"Something that may or may not have happened or maybe exaggerated a little bit can turn out really bad really fast," he said.

The incident, whether it's true or not, has really hit a nerve with the community. Oswald thinks this is due to the large military presence in the area.

"Whether they're huge franchises or a mom and pop shop that wants to come out and discredit veterans for their service or asking for a discount or whatever the issue may be, it's kind of unheard of for this area," said Oswald.

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The Bearded Warriors meet once a month, and on Tuesday they've chosen to do it at the Pizza Hut as a show of good faith.

"One veteran's experience at a business doesn't speak to all veterans and their opinion of that business after the fact. One individual employee's opinion at a company doesn't speak for the entire company,"said Oswald.

Oswald said the one thing he doesn't want to come from this is to have local businesses go on the defense when it comes to veterans.

"It's hard enough already to have people support veteran things anyway because there's so many  fake groups, fake people, people claiming service related awards that they didn't have," he said.

Those are the people who ruin it for everyone. Oswald said veterans aren't after military discounts.

"If it's offered sure take it, but it's not something that everybody should go out seeking to get from a business just because you served.  That's not why we all raise our right hand," he said.