MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Operation Green Light debuted in 2022, encouraging Madison County residents to switch their light bulbs to green to show support for local veterans.

By shining a green light at your home or business, you are letting veterans know they are seen and appreciated in the community. On Thursday, Madison County District Six Commissioner Violet Edwards delivered a green light to a very special man.

Robert Shanklin is a local veteran who served in the Marines. Because of health issues, he has been unable to do much outside the comfort of his home.

Edwards decided to stop by and hand deliver a green light to Shanklin, who has been a supporter of the green light operation. He says shining the lights is a way to spread hope.

“Every year veterans come out and get back into our community they find jobs they become civilians again and that can be difficult jobs and all of that and so this is just letting them know their are resources out there for them that we love them that we appreciate their sacrifice and its the green ray of hope that we’re hoping that they see,” Edwards said.

Shanklin was very happy when he received his green light, and said he is excited to shine one in support of his fellow veterans.