Local VA official discusses improved claims process

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)– This past July 4th, of course many minds were on independence.

Because of that, we also find time to remember those who have served to maintain that independence. WHNT checked in with Veterans Affairs to see what has changed there over the past year.

At the Madison County office, officials there say there has been a slight decrease in the amount of veterans who visit their office. They think a lot of that has to do with faster claim processing by the VA through a newer process called Fully Developed Claims.

They also tell us veterans are searching out help, and finding it much more easily.

Harley Goble, Madison County Veterans Service Officer, said, “Veterans talk to veterans. The word is getting out on what benefits are available, where to go to get the benefits,” he said, “and more people are getting their benefits because of word of mouth.”

He adds that the backlog for VA claims is decreasing because of this faster claim processing, too. And that’s something that helps local offices like the one in Madison County as they continue to help veterans who would like to file claims and get benefits.